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Renovate rather than replace. Update rather than change everything. To develop sustainable freight transport and allow you to increase the lifespan of your trucks, Renault Trucks offers a program based on the principles of the circular economy. 

The circular economy is based on the principle of a virtuous circle to reduce the consumption of raw materials, extend the lifespan of products and ultimately improve their recyclability. We say ultimately because our main aim is to consider options for reuse, repair and transformation before we consider recycling. At Renault Trucks, this approach is based on 3 principles: Regenerate, Return, Repurpose.

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Renault Trucks has been involved in reducing and rationalising sustainable freight transport for several years and offers a support plan that allows you to achieve your ambitions and keep your trucks on the road for longer with the same level of performance. Renault Trucks proposes the following as part of the "Regenerate" principle. 

Longevity and performance

Our promise: your truck on the road for an additional 400,000 km after the software is updated.

Making your trucks last even longer is one of our priorities. We call this first step in the circularity "regenerate". What does it involve?  There are 2 main elements: 

  • The software installed on your trucks is upgraded. This means consumption performances are updated. 

  • Our experts perform a diagnosis on your truck with additional technical checks adapted to the age of your vehicle and the kilometres covered. 

If your truck is more than three years old and/or has covered more than 400,000 kilometres, it can undergo a full diagnosis at one of our service centers. This program helps you guarantee the availability of your vehicles whilst making them more effective. The semi-industrial process begins with a rigorous inspection of the vehicle. The vehicle then undergoes 200 checks using specialist tools. The drive chain and clean-up system are just two examples of the points checked. Preventive maintenance campaigns are also carried out such as replacing parts like the turbocharger. The vehicle's software is then updated. This means consumption performance is updated. It also provides you with the opportunity to speak to our experts about the latest innovations and the preventive maintenance most suited to your needs to extend its operating life and improve the profitability of your transport activity. 

Not only is the lifespan of your trucks extended but you can also reduce your fuel bill by adopting the latest fuel saving innovations. With these checks and this update after 400,000 kilometres, our promise is that you can cover an additional 400,000 kilometres with the same vehicle whilst enjoying the same quality and profitability guarantees as with a new vehicle. 

Make savings and reduce operating costs

The benefits of preventive maintenance

A truck that is used and maintained properly is a more effective truck. With the latest generation software and breakage and wear risks anticipated, you'll reduce periods when your truck is out of use. And when maintenance is required, you can plan this such that it impacts your activity as little as possible. In addition, you can use your truck with maximum energy efficiency whilst improving driver safety.

Maintaining the resale value

The "mid-life" inspection and updating of your truck (or your fleet) will maintain its resale value, an essential data to be considered for the depreciation of your vehicles. You'll be able to sell your trucks more easily, more quickly and at a better price.

The circular economy at the heart of Renault Trucks' commitments

At Renault Trucks, we are committed to decarbonising road transport. Our aim: to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. 

Thanks to the circular economy and our commitment to extend the life of our trucks, we are involved in preserving natural resources and we help to reduce carbon emissions from transport (7.7 t of CO2 saved per regenerated or converted truck compared to buying a new truck, depending on use). 

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