What are the advantages of electric mobility for trucks



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Building tomorrow's logistics

Electric vehicles are helping to transform urban logistics to meet the growing need for sustainable transport solutions and optimised operations. This is particularly true in pedestrian streets that are closed to vehicles emitting local pollutants. Silent, they can optimise routes and timetables (night delivery for ex) to reduce traffic and minimise disruption to pedestrians.

Sustainable mobility

  • Less CO2

CO2 has a dramatic effect on global warming. For a 16-tonne vehicle* used in urban areas in Europe, electric power currently makes it possible to halve CO2 emissions on average (by almost 50% in Germany and 80% in France, for example). This reduction should be around 85% on average by 2040.   

*The quantity of emissions is calculated from cradle to grave, in other words, it takes into account all of the CO2 emitted from the production of the truck and the energy that powers it until the end of its life.


  • Zero NOx

NOx or nitrogen oxides play a major role in air pollution: at high concentrations, they are threat for public health, due to their effect on respiratory systems. As they have no local emissions, battery electric trucks solve this public health issue.


  • Silent

Electric trucks provide an effective solution to noise pollution which is particularly welcome in urban areas to experiment with night-time deliveries to relieve daytime traffic. For example, the Renault Trucks E-Tech D emits 85% less external noise (- 8 dBA) in the legal pass-by test than the diesel version.

Did you know that electric trucks can be so quiet that pedestrians or cyclists may fail to hear them? So, to share the road safely, manufacturers are fitting electric trucks with "noisemakers" to give a continuous warning of their presence and a louder warning of manoeuvres such as reversing.

D Wide E-tech collect truck in a city

Increased overall efficiency and increasing comfort for an enhanced driving pleasure

The lower noise and vibration levels of electric trucks make driving them less tiring for drivers. Electric trucks are also more powerful and more efficient to drive than diesel vehicles, making them easier to manoeuvre in traffic. All these details contribute to improving drivers' efficiency and quality of life at work. 

Increased brand image

The public's perception of trucks is changing. Drivers take pride in being behind the wheel of a well-accepted vehicle. Not to mention what electric trucks represent in terms of image and attractiveness for transport companies as part of their commitment to sustainability.

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