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Your transport activity requires tanker lorries that optimise your payload - given how heavy the truck and equipment are. Your tanker trucks may be used to transport liquid bulk products or hazardous materials, so a high level of safety is necessary for both the goods and drivers. Renault Trucks can guide you in your choice of vehicles and services. 

Tanker trucks: optimise journeys thanks to a higher payload

Whether you are transporting hydrocarbons, liquid bulk or powdered products, you should use the lightest possible trucks to ensure good profitability and optimise your payload. The Renault Trucks D WIDE (4x2 or 6x2) or the D 4x2 boast very light chassis, and meet most tanker transport constraints - regardless of the environment. 

Tanker transporting oil Renault Trucks in Algeria

If you need a larger storage capacity, we designed the Renault Trucks T Tanker. This is a vehicle in which as many items as possible are made of aluminium, meaning they are much lighter:  

  • Rims  
  • Fuel tank  
  • Wheel coupling 

Furthermore, the Renault Trucks T Tanker is also available in a low cab version, which also saves on weight whilst maintaining the driver’s comfort.  

Tanker versions also exist for the Renault Trucks D and Renault Trucks D Wide models. They have aluminium rims, adapted fuel tanks and a clear right-hand longeron so the body-builder’s pumping equipment can be installed. 

In a nutshell, Renault Trucks Tanker models were configured for exceptional payload. A higher payload means more goods transported during each journey, and therefore improved profitability for your activity. 

Ensure safety for drivers and goods

If your tanker trucks are transporting hazardous products, then safety plays a major role in your activity. To prevent any risks, the Renault Trucks T Tanker boasts many safety features: 

  • Battery master, easily accessible from the back and outside of the cab 
  • Flame arrestor on the exhaust pipe  
  • Pre-equipped with a highlighted ADR plate, detailing the transported goods’ hazard type and level 
  • Tyre pressure control system 
  • Seat with a longitudinal suspension to avoid swaying 

Additionally, Renault Trucks offers efficient driving training courses for your drivers. This course is taught by our experts as part of the Optifuel programme, enabling you to not only reduce fuel costs by 15%, but also act on safety. By striving to apply efficient driving principles, drivers will learn to reduce accident risks.  

Tanker transport driver driving wearing a yellow jacket for safety
Driver checking a tanker attached to a Renault Trucks tractor