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Renault Trucks driver attaching cars to be transported on a trailer

Car transport requires versatility, the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and safety for both drivers and transported vehicles. Renault Trucks meets all your requirements, with its three types of car carrier trucks, and innovative services. 

Opt for versatile vehicles for car transport

With the boom of the SUV sector, vehicles that need transporting are becoming bigger and bigger. Your activity requires you to constantly adapt and be able to transport saloon cars, SUVs and utility vehicles. The C Road is one of the lowest on the market.  

Ensure safety for both drivers and transported cars

When transporting vehicles, the driver’s role is so much more than just driving. They have to load and unload vehicles for each delivery. We designed our car transport trucks with a view to secure these operations and make the driver’s job easier. This is why our vehicles are particularly accessible:  

  • Two standard steps  

  • 7,6 centimeters indent to make climbing easier  

  • Climbing handle  

  • Doors opening at 90°. 

Furthermore, these models offer specially designed and practical storage spaces outside the vehicle to keep tools required for loading or unloading vehicles - such as straps and platform handling tools.  

Drivers can enjoy the large cab and inner living area designed to enhance comfort, with a depth of more than 2,13 meters. All the controls for the automatic gearbox, cruise control and radio are within easy reach, for optimal comfort. Drivers can also enjoy an air suspension heated seat, lots of storage space and an anti-intrusion alarm for complete peace of mind. 

A series of driving aids are available to boost safety for both the driver and their cargo - such as lane departure warnings, emergency braking assistance, and cruise control to help lower fuel consumption. 

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In such a strained market, only allowing small margins, your Total Cost of Ownership (cost price per mile) is key, and Renault Trucks has several tools available to help reduce it. Our vehicles are fitted with automatic gearboxes and cruise control options, as well as a Fuel Economy mode to help save on fuel. This can be coupled with Optiroll which, in appropriate conditions, can allow the vehicle to benefit from its own inertia to reduce consumption.  

If you have several vehicles, our Optifleet smart fleet management solution will also be a precious ally. By geo-tracking the driver and being sent their in-journey data, you can schedule deliveries in the most optimal manner, follow up on deliveries in real time, and modify tasks according to customer needs. Optifleet enables you to collect precious fuel consumption information for each vehicle, and see precisely how they are used by drivers (instant consumption, anticipation, standby consumption, etc.). You can set up alarms or initiate training courses to improve overall fleet performance and reduce your cost price per mile. Optifleet is available via a web portal and smartphone application. 

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Increase vehicle uptime

For a business owner, visibility is key and unforeseen events are never welcome. With this in mind, Renault Trucks developed a new service: Predict. By associating digital features and customer relations, we can anticipate vehicle wear and plan necessary maintenance operations. A digital platform centralises your trucks’ data and warns your advisor when any maintenance operations are needed, or if a part needs replacing. You will then be contacted to schedule the best time for the operation, without it disturbing your activity nor that of your customers. 

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