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Concrete transport: handle, schedule and boost profitability for your deliveries


renault trucks c concrete truck

Concrete transport must comply with very specific constraints. In addition to needing a reliable and manoeuvrable concrete truck, you need to efficiently convey as much concrete as possible in as little time as you can. Renault Trucks is there to support you, with its products and services specially designed for concrete transport.

Boost profitability for your concrete mixer trucks

A cement mixer truck is unlike any other truck. It is considered as much a machine as a means of transport. For it to be profitable, it needs to transport as much concrete as possible. To do so, it must be as light as possible. This is why Renault Trucks uses the chassis design from its C range, so the mixer of your choice can be fitted onto it, and your payload can be as high as possible. With the Renault Trucks C XLOAD, Renault Trucks offers the lightest 8x4 twin rear wheel cement mixer truck on the market (UTAC-certified).

kg This is the tare weight of our Renault Trucks C XLOAD 8x4

An exceptionally light chassis, to which you can add a 7.5 to 8 m3 cement mixer. As you can fit more cement in for each run, the number of daily journeys or the number of construction sites delivered to can be increased, thus reducing your costs and increasing profitability.

Renault Trucks C x-load
Renault Trucks C x-load


Reduce build lead time for your cement mixer trucks

Cement mixer trucks are particularly complex in terms of design. Renault Trucks is available to help you configure yours, in accordance with your needs, so they can be delivered within the best lead time possible. The chassis on Renault Trucks C models can be equipped with special mixer fittings, according to body-builders’ recommendations:

  • Space can be left for cranes in the case of pumping drums
  • High-capacity rear motor drives for concrete pumps
  • Storage areas designed for optimal load distribution

All this makes the body-builders’ work easier, and has a direct effect on build lead time, which means vehicles are available much quicker. To make matters even simpler, Renault Trucks also offers options specially designed to fit the drums made by the market’s two largest manufacturers. This guarantees shorter build lead time and perfect compatibility between the chassis and selected cement mixer.


Robust and reliable vehicles for your concrete transport

Before leaving our factories, trucks undergo quality checks to ensure robustness and reliability. Renault Trucks C models boast several advantages, so drivers can deliver to all construction sites - even those most difficult to access:

  • A 24° angle of attack
  • A below-tank ground clearance of up to 440mm
  • A short turning radius
  • An Optidriver Xtended gearbox, with two extra-slow gears and an off-road mode to make driving easier with heavy loads and on uneven ground

Improve your vehicles’ uptime

If your company is managed based on the motto “better safe than sorry”, then Renault Trucks’ personalised maintenance plan, Predict, is perfect for you! It combines the best of technology and human intervention. Upon purchase, your trucks’ technical data will be integrated into a digital platform that will regularly analyse them and send alerts to your advisor. The latter will inform you of any maintenance work to be done, and will set an appointment that least disturbs your company’s daily activities. As such, you can increase your vehicle’s uptime and avoid unforeseen breakdowns.